Friday, May 23, 2008

Baby Memories, Milestones and Our Military

We were living in Virginia at the time our first child was born and I was in a new city with only a few friends and no family close by. I literally had no support system. To make things even more difficult, my husband shipped out exactly one week after our son was born. I was all alone and he was missing all those fantastic firsts that every parent should be a part of. It would have been great to have some way to share feeding times, schedules, memories and milestones in a more organized way. That was then.

I met Aruni, a mom and really great lady, who founded Babble Soft and after a few conversations we knew we just had to work together. Her company had great applications and we had military families in need.

Now, through Babble Soft, military familes have fantatic tools at their fingertips. Babble Soft's Baby Insights helps caregivers keep track of baby's breast & bottle feeding, sleep periods, diaper changes, medicine doses, immunization records, as well as mom's breastfeeding, pumping and medicine intake. Having important information stored in one location makes communication between parents, their nanny, babysitters, grandparents, or doctors seamless and reliable and gives new parents insight into their baby's patterns to help with crucial baby care decisions.

Babble Soft's Baby Say Cheese lets you create a wonderful online baby's first year photo album with milestones such as 'first crawl, first smile, first word' and family tree that you can share with friends and family. You can even send a fun, cute picture postcards of any of your baby's milestones to anyone with an email address!

I'm really pleased that we're once again teaming up with another great company, Babble Soft, to make life a little easier for our military service members and their families. Though these options weren't available to me when my children were born you can take advantage of these great services or share them with someone you know who just had a baby!

Active duty service members should contact our members services coordinator for the discount code needed to claim your FREE membership. eMail Our Military members interested in trying Babble Soft applications or purchasing one for a friend or family member will receive a 20% discount. Please contact our member services coordinator for the discount code you'll need.

We hope you'll enjoy these services and we hope that you have a very safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

You can view the press release on our site, on PR Web, and on the entrepreMusings' blog as well.

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eMOM said...

Please let me know if you take advantage of this great offer!

Dayngr said...

This is a great collaboration with @Aruni.