Monday, May 12, 2008

Operation Recruiter Appreciation

Gathering of Eagles has kicked off Operation Recruiter Appreciation to coincide with Armed Forces Day (May 17th). Gathering of Eagles is planning to set aside that day to “visit as many recruiter offices as possible and to pay some type of tribute to them.

We thought this was such an excellent idea that we decided to blog about it and let all our eMOM members know so they can get involved as well.

Recruiting is a tough and oftentimes thankless job and we want to make sure that these hardworking men and women know they're appreciated!

If you're interested in helping, visit Operation Recruiter Appreciation for ideas and information on how to participate or contact Mary-Sheba Graves (Coordinator for 2008 ORA, Fort Worth, TX).

To find your local recruiting offices, go to:

Big thanks to Nicki for alerting me to this great cause.

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