Sunday, May 18, 2008

Share an eMOM Flyer

Help us spread the word and support our troops!

Consider putting up one of our flyers on a bulletin board at work, your apartment complex, college, church or civic organization. Have it posted in your organization's newsletter, at the VFW or pass them out at local patriotic rallies.

If you live close to a military base or recruiting station, please ask if you can put some of our flyers up in the common areas.

If you're creative, design your own for us to use, send it in and you may see it here!

Show Support Flyer

In The Military?

We Thank You

We Salute You

You can download and print copies of our flyers right here. Some are conveniently set up to print two on a sheet so you'll have twice as many. All you'll need to do is cut on the dotted line in the center to separate them then cut carefully along the tabs' dotted lines so people will be able to tear the tabs off and take our web address with them when they go!

Even, if you're not a registered eMail Our Military member, you can get a list of campaigns and projects you can participate in on the Project page on our website. eMail Our Military Members, be sure to visit the Campaign page in the members' only section of our website.

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