Thursday, June 5, 2008

Help Us Support Our Troops

Our military service members need your help. Letters & eMail from home are needed. Can you spare a little time to write to our troops?

We've got over 500 new service members in need of morale boosting correspondence. If you'd like to send cards, letters and email to our military service members stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan please let us know as soon as possible so we can send you the online information to get you registered and supporting our troops.

We're supporting service members from each branch of the military across the globe. These service members have specifically asked for correspondence from home and are looking forward to hearing from those that support them.

We want to make sure that every service member that has requested a little morale support receives some mail so, if you have a little extra time to pop a postcard in the mail, please sign up to support our troops.

It's fast, easy and if you want to get started right away, contact us and we'll get you registered ASAP. For the safety and protection of the military service members we support we ask that you register in order to receive the names and addresses of our service members in need.

Please help us support our military service members today.

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