Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Operation Soldier Care - Update 1

Operation Soldier Care is in full swing and we're already half way to reaching our goal of collecting $550 to purchase care packages for our troops this summer.

Last year $1.5 million dollars in Mary Kay products were donated to our troops and now you can join in to send Mary Kay Care Packages to our troops through eMail Our Military!

Through Operation Soldier Care, every Mary Kay Care package purchased for our troops will be matched by a second care package from Nancy Sutherland, Mary Kay Sales Director! That's double the support for our troops.

Nancy and I connected via Twitter (she's @NancyMK) and she suggested we team up to help get support to our troops. What a perfect combination too. Nancy has all the wonderful Mary Kay products and the ability to put together these wonderful care packages and we have a database full of service members in need. What could be better?

You have the ability, through eMail Our Military, to help make a difference even if you don’t know a specific service member.

You can review and order any of these suggested care packages and items at Nancy’s website and put “Operation Soldier Care” in comments. Once you do, Nancy will work together with to ensure that all the care packages will reach service members in need.

If you prefer to contribute toward purchasing care packages for our troops, you can do that too by using the ChipIn Widget below:


To make helping our troops even easier, now you can add to the care package fund by using our ChipIn Widget. Just add the amount you'd like to give and we'll do the rest!

Even if you can't spare a few bucks you can still help. Add our ChipIn Widget to your blog, tell others about what we're doing for our troops, spotlight us on your blog or website, use your twitter, facebook or other social media account to spread the word and help us help our troops.


You can check out some of the great photos we've posted of the care packages. We'd love your comments too. View the photos here.


The average temperatures in Iraq range from higher than 48 degree C (120 degrees Fahrenheit!) in July and August to below freezing in January. A majority of the rainfall occurs from December through April and is more abundant in the mountainous region and may reach 100 centimeters a year in some places

The summer months are marked by two kinds of wind phenomena: The southern and southeasterly sharqi, a dry, dusty wind with occasional gusts to eighty kilometers and hour, occurs from April to early June and again from late September through November. The shamal, a steady wind from the north and northwest, prevails from mid-June to mid-September. Very dry air which accompanies the shamal permits intensive sun heating of the land surface but also provides some cooling effect. Dust storms accompany these winds and may rise to heights of several thousand meters, causing hazardous flying conditions and closing airports for brief periods of time.

Extremes of temperatures and humidity, coupled with the scarcity of water, will affect both men and equipment. During dry season, clouds of dust caused by vehicle movement will increase detection capabilities in desert regions. Flash flooding in wadis and across roads will hinder traffic ability and supply efforts during the rainy season. Clear, cloudless skies make air superiority a prerequisite to successful offensive operations throughout Iraq. Air operations may be reduced during windy season. The Iraqi climate is similar to that of the extreme southwestern United States with hot, dry summers, cold winters, and a pleasant spring and fall. Roughly 90% of the annual rainfall occurs between November and April, most of it in the winter months from December through March. The remaining six months, particularly the hottest ones of June, July, and August, at approximately 102 degrees Fahrenheit are dry. The influence of the Persian Gulf on the climate of Iraq is very limited. Near the gulf the relative humidity is higher than in other parts of the country.


Great idea! :-) Having been a US Army Soldier in Kuwait and in Iraq, personal hygiene items and toiletries are such a luxury. To receive a Mary Kay care package would have been a DREAM for me! I highly recommend this because it is really something useful and much appreciated - even for male Soldiers - a HUGE morale booster. When I sent my husband, who was deployed in the Middle East, special items for his skin he was in heaven and so, so happy!!

SSG Angie Reddick
68W30, Health Care Specialist
196th Medical Support Unit - Europe


Here are just a few of the specific items that have been requested - MK Men Shave foam, MK Men After Shave, MK Men Face bar, MK Men Moisturizer with sunscreen, Lip Protector SPF 15, SPF 30 Sunscreen, After Sun Replenishing Gel, Satin Hands and Feet, Cleansing Bar, Body Loofah Cleansers. 2-in-1 Body Wash and Shave, Facial Cleansing Cloths, Hydrating Body Lotion, Visibly Fit Body Lotion, Acne Treatment gel, TW 3-in-1 Cleanser & Moisturizer in Normal/Dry AND Combination/Oily formulas, Body Lotions, and Energizing foot and leg cream in any quantities.


If you have questions about Mary Kay or any of the care packages you’ve seen here, please feel free to email Nancy at nancy.mkqueen(at)gmail(dot)com or contact her on twitter. As always, you can also leave your questions or comments in the comment section of this post.

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