Thursday, August 7, 2008

Did You Know...

This is part of our ongoing series called Did You Know?

This series, which you can follow by clicking on the labels/categories in our sidebar, will give you interesting facts about all things military.

At eMail Our Military (eMOM) we want to do more than help support our troops, we want to educate people and give them a better understanding about all things military. We realize that when you know more about a specific group of people, you'll be better able to understand them and in turn be better equipped to relate to them.

Stryker: The U.S. Army’s newest armored vehicle. The 19-ton, eight-wheeled Stryker can be configured for use in infantry, reconnaissance, fire support or medical evacuation missions. It can operate at 60 mph and has a range of 312 miles. The vehicle may be transported by C-130 aircraft.

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