Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Huge Success for eMOM's Operation Soldier Care

We're so proud to report that the Operation Solider Care project, a collaborative effort between eMail Our Military, Nancy Sutherland and Phyllis Zimbler Miller, was a huge success all due to your kindness and support for our troops.

The project officially ended August 18th and with your help we raised $3411.00 to purchase sun and skin care packages for our military service members facing the desert heat in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. We couldn't have done it without you and you are greatly appreciated.

Nancy Sutherland generously offered to match the amount we raised dollar for dollar. That doubles our donations and gives us a whopping total of $6822 in sun and skin care products to go to our troops.

As of this writing, Nancy and her team were putting the care packages together to ship to the guys and gals being supported through eMail Our Military. Nancy even made a short video for us showing some of the packages that they had already put together. You can see it here.

We can't thank you enough for really going above and beyond our humble expectations for this troop support project. Over the next few days we'll do a series of posts spotlighting all the fantastic folks who took the time to help with this project. Some folks blogged about it, others shared the information on their social networks and others took the time to pull some pretty wild and wacky stunts to keep folks motived and supporting our troops. It was great fun but we certainly couldn't have done it without all the great people who put their money where their hearts were and gave to our troops. You made it happen and you are truly great.

Big thanks to all of eMOM's Operation Soldier Care donors:

Andrew Valadez
Angela Beauchamp
Atinuke Abayomi-Paul
C.C. Chapman
Carmen Munoz-Schira
Carol W
Carrie Wilkerson
Casey Phillips
Cherie Harvey
Chris Kieff
Christina Klaene
Corinne Faust
Daniel Mosqueda
Doriano Carta
Edward Branley
Effi Mander
Gloria Bell
Grant Griffiths
Harry Hoover
Heather Coleman
Heather Gardner
Iman Jalali
Ines Hegedus-Garcia
James Huston
Jeff Brown
Jeff Crites
Jessica McGilvray
Jonna Pantelis
Jonnie Santos
Karen Schweiger
Karrie Winters
Kathleen Blasco
Kelly O'Brien
Kenneth Bell
Kenneth Bell
Kimberley Schmahl
Kris Robinson
Leslie Rice
Mark Salinas
Mary Reagan
Matthew Eads
Michael Antonio Brown
Michael Neumann
Michael Ward
Misty Khan
Phyllis Miller
Rachel Rubin
Rebecca Rivera
Robert Burgin
Robert La Gesse
Robert Stemen
Rosie Jacquelin
Scott Guimont
Scott Monty
Scott Sigler
Sean Marler
Todd Jordan
Tracy Lee Carroll
Trish Forant
Vaughn Beck
Vern Vonheeder III
Vicki Hampton

Tomorrow we'll announce our Top 5 Contributors and all the goodies and gifts they'll get for helping us reach higher than we ever imagined.

Thanks to everyone who was a wonderful part of this project. You are an inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

It's so amazing to have people like you in this world that are constantly looking out for others. Makes me proud to know you.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I'm honored to have donated along side a great list of folks.

The bald look got lots of comments today at work but no real negatives. Glad I did it.


eMOM said...

Thanks again to everyone who participated. We definately couldn't have done it without you.

BlackJack | eMail Our Military said...

Hugely successful campaign. Thanks to everyone who supported our military.