Saturday, January 24, 2009

Valentine's From The Heart (and for our troops)

eMail Our Military, or eMOM as we're called, is kicking off our Valentine's Day project for the troops this weekend. The 7th Annual Valentine's from the Heart project is going to be a little different this year. This year, instead of having you send eMOM your Valentine's Day cards to have us ship them in bulk to the troops, we're encouraging everyone to follow the new project guidelines and help us extend our circle of support.

Valentine's from the Heart Directions:

  1. Read the "Welcome eMail" you'll receive
  2. Adopt a Military Service Member to correspond with.
  3. Send your Military Service Member a Valentine's Day card and/or eMail of support.
  4. Encourage a friend, family member or Military Service Member to register too.
  5. Leave a comment so we know you'll be participating.
  6. Spread the word. Share this post.

Easy right? That's all we ask. Of course, once you've adopted your Military Service Member you can write or eMail them anytime. They'll appreciate the support and you'll be doing something nice for someone else.

Valentine's from the Heart - Just for Kids

Adults can adopt a Military Service Member following the directions above so that kids can make their own Valentine's Day cards for our troops! Kids have the greatest and most creative ideas. Try stamping or using scrapbooking items to create fantastic unique cards home made by you. Another idea is to buy kid's packs of Valentine cards and let them fill them out. Get your children's classrooms or schools involved. This is a great class project and the student drawings and cards can be shipped to the Military Service Member you adopt for distribution to his/her troops.

Directions for Kids:

Parents, teachers, etc. in addition to the directions for adults above, you can help guide children with the simple directions below.

  1. Address our troops generically as "Dear Heroes" or "Dear Troops".
  2. Place all your Valentine's Day cards in a larger envelope or package.
  3. Include your contact info on your cards if you wish to receive a reply.
  4. Include "eMail Our Military" on all your cards or drawings. (Adults can print labels to help)

That's it! Naturally, we encourage you to get your schools and local kid friendly organizations involved as well (Like church youth groups, girl scouts, boy scouts, etc.).

We have additional Valentine's Day surprises in store for the military community so be sure to subscribe to our blog so you won't miss them!

Military Care Packages and Gifts

* Would you like to correspond with a military service member year-round? Register with eMail Our Military (eMOM) today! *

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If you're reading this via email or in your feedreader, be sure to stop by and tell us your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I definitely will be participating!

Anonymous said...

Just an fyi, if anybody needs a way to send a card as part of this, I am more than happy to donate 25 cards.

Just send me an email for the details.

Dayngr said...


Unknown said...

I will post a link for this Valentine Post on our blog and we would love to work with you to co-sponsor a giveaway for one of our Patriotic Moments Portraits. Email me so we can work out the details!

Anonymous said...

As always, thank you for all of your hard work in supporting our Troops!

Dayngr said...

I'm in!!

BlackJack | eMail Our Military said...

You know we'll be taking part in this with eMOM.

Mike Chapman said...

Great post. Thank you so much for doing this for the troops and their families.

Saya25 said...

I am deff doing this! I support the troops and believe in the cause! These guys (and gals) deserve some worship!