Saturday, January 24, 2009

War Is Hell on the Homefront

War is hell on the homefront
I've heard that song before
It didn't have much meaning
Until I came home from war
My whole life changed perspectives
My mind wasn't what I liked
I sometimes felt like running
Away from everyone in sight
I felt and feel an anger
It's to hard to describe
How can I get help from someone
That knows not what it's like
They keep saying we are soldiers
But we are men that loved their lives
Now we know not what we want
Some lost children, some lost wives
They give us medication
They say you will be fine
Then they send us back to war
We break down and cry
We used to fear the battlefield
But now that is our home
Our brothers stand beside us
We'll never be alone
We understand each other
Without a single spoken word
We used to pray to get back home
We've forgotten the Lord
We rely strictly on each other
For that's how we survive
War is hell on the homefront
If we get out alive

© SGT Kenneth R. Henry 2006

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