Friday, April 10, 2009

Last Day At His Command

Tomorrow is his last Day at the Command he's been with for 3 years. He is soon to deploy to Iraq on a volunteer basis in just a few weeks for almost a year, right before my birthday. Time is just slipping by so quickly. It won't be long before we are dropping him off at the airport and being the one of many military families "parting ways". For now, I've done everything under the sun to make him the happiest while he's been here on shore duty (he wont have the luxuries of home (while in IRAQ) so I make sure to do 110% while he is here - cooking him gourmet dinners, sending him anything just to make him laugh at work, and being there for him and his Command every single day, PT working out along with him and his Command (didn't have to, but did).

The Command became like a family to us. We talked and joked with so many. It will be difficult as this Command was by far the best Command we've ever been with. Taking it in stride, living for TODAY as we have no assurance what tomorrow will bring for any of us.

Many concerns about many things are popping up everywhere. Issues with Afghanistan, N. Korea, Somalia Pirates, the rising violence in Iraq as President Obama plans to withdraw troops, hurricane season and all the other issues that come up when he is away. But I would like to think, being in the military, that we "live for today" and so with that in mind during these next few weeks I plan on making the most of everyday while he is with us and talking to the kids about this departure. As a military wife and mother, I have to approach this the "right" way as kids tend to regress, and don't understand.

In closing I'd like to say to all the military servicemembers and their families, I admire you for all your sacrifices. I believe military servicemembers and their families are the toughest, individuals I have ever come to know. I am VERY PROUD of our veterans, and military servicemembers and their families for sacrificing to ensure our country's FREEDOM!

Deirdre Johnson
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mikeyman213 said...

Honey, I love the blog that you posted. You know best that I really enjoyed my tour at the command. I will miss everyone and all the times we had there. I feel as though I have grown greatly as a Sailor and a person. Thanks to my Department Head and Divo. It was the Best and will be greatly missed.
Thank you for posting a blog about this. seperating is always harder then arriving.
Love you

Dayngr said...

Thanks so much for taking the timne to comment. We hope to be able to share more experiences from military wives, moms, dads and husbands, etc.

If you're a military family member or a military service member and you'd like to be a guest blogger, let us know!

Alex Mosleys said...

Nice blog thanks foor posting