Thursday, April 30, 2009

Preparing For Battle - Live Ustream Conference

Tonight, April 30th at 8PM EST, Donnie Kiernan will be hosting a live Ustream conference. The Topic, you ask?

Preparing yourself for battle!

Not just the literal aspect, but for any competition you will be facing, you'll need to know the proper things to do and not to do.

Donnie will be explaining how he prepares for field training exercises (His next will be at 3:30 AM tomorrow morning) so if your thinking about joining a military service or you just want to see what goes in to the prep work, stop by and check out Donnie's "Preparing Yourself For Battle".

After the live video conference, Donnie will open the floor to ANY QUESTIONS you may have about ANY kind of battle/competition prep. or training in general. Donnie's an open book, so dont be shy.

From Donnie:

How do I prepare for combat?

First off, I always make sure I'm mentally prepared to face the enemy and know without a doubt that I will be the victor.

If Im not 100% sure I can beat the enemy, I DO NOT enter the battlefield.

Secondly, I always make sure my gear is properly prepared and ready to deploy at any given time when I may come to call upon it!

Although it sounds like im talking about the fields of Iraq, that's not exactly what I'm referring to. Combat (in my eyes) is any challenge that you are facing and you MUST emerge victorious to continue in your journey. Whether its a project on the job, an amateur strongman competition or even on the streets of Iraq, never enter the battle arena without knowing you are properly prepared and are completely confident of a victory!

Be sure to check out the "Preparing Yourself For Battle" live stream this evening APRIL 30TH @ 8PM EST. As always, Ustream conferences are FREE!

Donnie Kiernan is a strength and conditioning coach, specializing in Military, Police and Firefighter fitness. His background includes the United States Army Intelligence Corps, membership in the North American Strongman association and an instructor of fitness bootcamps in Clearwater, Florida. He trains under sponsored champion strongman, Elliot Hulse at StrengthCamp Gym in St Petersburg, Florida and blogs at CombatFitnessBlog.

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