Monday, July 21, 2008

Green Care for Troops

Lawn and landscape maintenance might be something you take for granted but it becomes a definite hardship when a family's major breadwinner is on active duty away from home. GreenCare for Troops is designed to show the green industry's concern for this situation, helping affected families maintain their homes' green spaces.

To date, Project EverGreen has signed up more than 6,000 military families and over 1,300 lawn/landscape contractors and volunteers to assist in this effort. If you are interested in helping a family in your area, please take a moment to complete our online application.

While Project Evergreen's GreenCare for Troops program continues its mission to help our military families, we hope that the future will bring PEACE to everyone.

Project EverGreen's GreenCare for Troops non-profit program appreciates the contractors/volunteers who have stepped forward to help our military families at home. Thank you all!

About GreenCare For Troops

GreenCare for Troops is a nationwide outreach program coordinated by Project EverGreen that connects local lawn and landscape firms with men and women serving our country in the armed forces away from home.

GreenCare has helped over 1,300 volunteers provide free lawn and landscape services for over 6,000 military families nationwide. The cost to manage the GreenCare for Troops Program is underwritten by Cub Cadet Commercial.

Check them out and consider volunteering in your area.

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