Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tech Diva Spotlights eMail Our Military

A Tech Diva recently spotlighted eMail Our Military on her blog, helped promote our Mother's Day project and discussed her reasons for supporting our troops:

"I have some very close friends in Iraq now… and even if i didn’t, I’m sure I know someone else who has friends or loved ones there. Whether or not we agree with the gov’ts decision to have our troops there really isn’t the point. The point IS that they ARE there, and we SHOULD support them."

"My good friend, Paul Chambers, has been stationed at Camp Liberty in the Victory Base Complex near Baghdad since October. In his second tour of duty in Iraq, Paul has worked with a U.S. Army Civil Affairs battalion to provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people. He currently works as a project purchasing officer with the Third Civil Affairs Battalion of the Third Infantry Division, handling contracts between humanitarian organizations and Iraqi national companies."

You can read the full story at her blog and while you're there be sure to thank her for helping to support our troops.

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