Saturday, July 5, 2008

Today's Military Headlines

US Removes Uranium From Iraq

Soldiers in Iraq Mark Fourth of July

Ruling Could Free Detainees in US

Boeing's Allies: Hurry Up, Pentagon

Gunmen Assassinate Afghan Lawmaker

Secretary of State Visits Servicemembers on the Links

President Thanks Nation's 'Brave Defenders' on Independence Day

Petraeus Re-enlists 1,215 U.S. Troops July 4 in Iraq

Montana Guard Starts Pilot Program on Post-Deployment Stress

U.S. Grants NATO Request to Extend Marine Unit's Afghanistan Tour

DoD to Announce Standard Set of Recruiting Waiver Criteria

Regimental Combat Team Commander to Brief Live From Iraq

U.S. Seventh Fleet Commander to Brief Live from Vietnam

Brigade Commander to Brief Live From Iraq

DoD and Department of Education to Sign Memorandum of Understanding

WWII Film Contributions Needed

VA Addresses Mortgage Crisis

Women Vets Get Lesser Care

University Offers 50% Vet Scholarship

Groundbreaking for New PTSD Center

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BlackJack | eMail Our Military said...

Since these change frequently it's a great idea to list the top headlines here too.