Sunday, August 17, 2008

Half Way There, Half Way to Go for Operation Soldier Care

We're a little more than half way to our goal for Operation Soldier Care. We've raised $2,746.00 and hit the 54% mark in our campaign to get Mary Kay sun/skin care packages to our active duty troops in the desert.

We're extremely pleased with how far we've come for this project and how many military service members will benefit from the care packages we'll be sending to them.

We're not done yet though! Monday the 18th (Tomorrow) is the final day to hit the 5k mark. That doesn't leave us much time to get it all done.

If you can help, please do. Every $1 counts toward the purchase of a care package and no amount is too big or too small.

If you can't contribute financially, please consider sharing this page with someone you know, blogging about us, cheering us on in the comment section and sharing this information across your social networks.

Finally, don't forget you can always correspond with a service member on a one-on-one basis or send a one time message of support through eMail Our Military!

Big Thanks to Financial Contributors:

CC. C.
Christina K.
Rachel R.
Todd J.
Vicki H.
Michael B.
Casey P.
Scott S.
Carol W.
Michael N.
Gloria B.
Carmen M.
Michael W.
James H.
Scott G.
Iman J.
Vaughn B.
Kenneth B.
Andrew V.
Vern V. III
Edward B.
Robert LaG.
Corinne F.
Carrie W.
Karen S.
Jessica McG.
Jonna P.
Rosie J.
Scott M.
Sean M.
Matthew E.
Harry H.
Kenneth B.
Heather G.
Rebecca R.
Cherie H.
Misty K.
Kimberley S.
Mark S.
Jeff C.
Tracy Lee C.
Ines H.
Chris K.
Jonnie S.
Dan M.
Karrie W.
Atinuke A.
Jeff B.

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