Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halloween In a Box for Our Troops

The Family Readiness Group (FRG) for the HHC 1-153, 39th Brigade in AR is working on a huge Halloween Carnival to build care packages to send over for their 200 soldiers.

The theme is Halloween in a Box so if you can send Halloween cards and candy it would be greatly appreciated. If it’s easier to send gift cards from Walmart or Target for the candy or other items, to make it cheaper, that would be fine.

The FRG needs to have everything by the 13th of October, so that they can assess how much they have and what they’d still need to purchase.

Please email Rebecca at army24wife@gmail.com to participate in this project and to receive the mailing address to ship your Halloween goodies.

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CorinneR. said...

Great idea! I hope it gets a ton of support!

Dayngr said...


Dayngr said...

Rebecca says she's only heard from ONE person to help her with this project?! HELP. This is the final week to get it done.