Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cute Cards for our Troops

Now this is a great way to kick off our holiday project for the troops this year. Big thanks to Vertical Printing Graphics, one of eMOM's "Holiday Love™" sponsors this year (see our sidebar). They sent us two big boxes of assorted cards to go to out in support of our military service members. We can't thank them enough. THANKS!

If you've been looking for a way to support our troops, now you can. Participate in one of our many projects or register with eMOM and sign up to correspond with service members one-on-one. Learn more about our holiday project to support our troops.

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nancymkqueen said...

Great job on those cards! This is going to be your best year ever in supporting the troops- I just know it!

eMOM said...

Nancy - We sure hope so! We're calling in extra local volunteers to help get all the cards signed and shipped out. Spread the word. =)

BlackJack | eMail Our Military said...

I've seen this 1st hand and they are really nice cards.