Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Virtual Veteran's Day Parade - Bloggers Unite

A special request from CJ @

Greetings Fellow milbloggers and assorted opiners of liberty!!

For those that don't know me, you haven't had your head in the sewage much and I applaud you for it. For those that do, I apologize again. I'm contacting a limited group of distinguished ladies and gentlemen... hang on.... whew..... okay, done laughing... I'm contacting a limited group of distinguished ladies and gentlemen to arrange a virtual Veteran's Day Parade that will be hosted on the YouServed blog and I would like to enlist your help (yes, even if you are/were commissioned, you're being enlisted for THIS cause!).

Here's what I need from you. First, of course, is participation. This hasn't been done before and if we pull this off I may have a shot at being the next Blackfive blogger during the upcoming television series "So You Think You Can Blog For Blackfive"!!

We'd like to get at least 30 participants for the "parade", but the more the merrier. For every participant I can get, the VA Mortgage Center will donate $20 to VALOUR-IT. That's right, for EACH participant.

Second, I need you to contact other milbloggers and ask for their participation. If they aren't included here, it's not because I don't love them, it's because I used up all my brainpower RAM and couldn't think of others. For blogs like ASP, Mudville Gazette, and Blackfive where there are multiple authors, each participant will count as a separate person for this purpose.

Finally, I need each milblogger to provide the following information:

1. Name or screennameBlog URL
2. Character "float" you'd be and why you picked it (for example: Snoopy because he was the Red Baron - a veteran like no other!!)
3. Personal thoughts about Veteran's Day.

You can either send me the picture you'd like to use for your float or we can make one to use. The picture can be something you create or just an image you like that reminds you of Veteran's Day and speaks to your "float". Please forward this post to your favorite milbloggers and have them contact me if they're interested. Share this on YOUR blogs and snatch this up into emails to milbloggers as well. The deadline for this is November 4th - one week prior to Veteran's Day.

Even if you aren't a military blogger, we'd really like you to show your support for our veterans and participate in this virtual event.

(photo credit: ronnieb)

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Dayngr said...

Let us know if you're going to participate in this one!

BlackJack | eMail Our Military said...

I hope this is going to get quite a bit of participation. We're doing this too right?