Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Troops Give Their All, Let's Support Them

By Jason M. Mays

The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary gives multiple definitions for the word “support”. My favorite would be, “to keep from fainting, yielding, or losing courage”.

I think that anyone living in America right now can say that we have lost focus on making sure our beloved troops are not “fainting, yielding, or losing courage”. Not to say that there aren’t those who are fighting the good fight, taking care of the soldiers’ hearts and needs (namely this blog for one and many others). But the struggles we have in Afghanistan and Iraq have become more of an election issue and a dividing point for Americans.

What happens when we get caught up in politics? We forget people. Those people who are our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and so on, that are overseas giving their all. They are neglected. They all have names, people they miss, people that miss them in return, and pray for their safe return every day. They have dreams beyond the current conflicts. They have kids born they’ve never seen, boys and girls growing up without moms or dads. They are caught in the middle of people who support our endeavors in Afghanistan and Iraq, and those who strongly oppose them. They are used as pawns and leverage in Washington. But again, they are people.

Regardless of your political affiliation and view of the war, our soldiers need our care.

They need our prayers, emails, care packages, and moral support. I’d encourage us all to look past our political views, that are splitting America in half, and return to the care and encouragement of supporting our troops. Lest our troops “faint, yield, or lose courage”.

By Jason M. Mays
(@Jason_WCMH )

- This post is part of our Why Americans Should Support Our Troops ongoing series. We encourage you to participate too.

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