Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not Too Late to Get Holiday Mail to the Troops

It's Not Too Late To Participate

Would you like to send a postcard, card or letter to our troops? How about sponsoring an entire 1 lb. package of holiday mail for just $5? It's not too late to do so. We've decided to extend the deadline to those of you who were so busy that time just slipped away from you.

Through the 7th Annual "Holiday Love" project you can send your cards, letters or notes to eMail Our Military and we’ll send them out in our holiday care packages to the troops. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Official Holiday Love Flyer

Get Everyone Involved!

Holiday Love is a great project for schools, churches, boy scouts, girl scouts, women's groups, clubs, etc. Get the kids involved in coloring pictures and making their own cards too! Teachers, this is a super class project!

Get everyone to bring in cards, postcards or write short notes. Place a drop box in your place of business to make participation easy! Remember, the more the merrier. Try to get everyone to contribute at least 1 card, postcard, note or letter.

Kids can make their own holiday cards too! Get your children's classrooms or schools involved. This is a great class project and the student drawings and cards are always appreciated by our troops.

Maybe you'd like to make a banner for our heroes. Use a vinyl tablecloth (try red, white or blue) and sharpies (or any permanent marker) and create a thank you or support banner. Have your friends, co-workers, family, church members, etc sign it with their message. You may see it appear on the eMOM Flickr photo page at a later date with our heroes holding it up!

Make a poster for our heroes. Take poster board (try red, white or blue) and colorful markers (sharpies are great for this) and create a thank you or support poster. Have your friends, kids, classroom, co-workers, family, church members, etc sign it with their message. You might see it appear on our site at a later date with our heroes holding it up! It's easy to ship too, just stick it in a mailing tube to us!

Shipping Information

Please send your holiday mail, checks and/or money orders made out to:

eMail Our Military
Holiday Love Campaign
Suite 344
8004 NW 154 Street
Miami Lakes, FL 33016

Try to get all your cards and letters in the mail by Monday, Dec. 11th so we have plenty of time to pack and ship to our troops. However, we will continue to pack and ship as packages arrive (provided we have the funds to do it). Anything left over will be shipped next year.

Become a Postage Patriot

You can be a Postage Patriot™ by sponsoring a 1 lb package of holiday mail to our troops for just $5! That's a whole lot of support for just $5 bucks. Click here to chip in.

Special Thanks:

To everyone who cared enough to spread the word via Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, Jaiku and all the other social networks. If you helped, drop a comment so our readers can check out your blog or website too!

If you're reading this via email or in your feedreader, be sure to stop by and tell us your thoughts.

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