Sunday, December 14, 2008

Postage Patriots Make Holidays Bright for Troops

The following eMail Our Military Postage Patriots™ have helped to make the holidays a little brighter for our troops this year. They took the time to sponsor a one pound package (or several) of mail being shipped to our troops. These packages are stuffed with Christmas and Hanukkah cards and letters for our troops. Some are store bought and others are custom creations. We can't say thank you enough but we'd sure like to try!

eMOM's 2008 Postage Patriots (As of today)

Aileen Simpson
Alfred Grunwell
Amber Miner
Angela Beauchamp
Angela Moore
Ann Bernard
Ann Glenn
Annette Yen
Annie Duggan
Beth Pulsipher
Beulah Garrett
Bill and Kathee Austin
Bonnie Harris
Brian Carmen
Brian Simpson
Bridget Blanton
Bryce Moore
Carl Cook
Carlin Comm
Carol W.
Casey McGuire
Charles Simmins
Christina Gleason
Christopher Reeb
Corinne Faust
Courtney Paris
Dale Lawrence
Dan Douglass
Daren Couch
Daryl Alford
David Whelan
Dean Gebert
Deborah Mahler
Donna Pence
Doreen Gantt
Erin Nash
Harry Hoover
Heather Kigar
James Long
Jeanna Miller
Jeffrey Sass
Jennifer Bucklin
Jessica Smith
John Andrews
John Asselin
John Atkinson
John Gillmartin
Jonathan Kash
Justin Carder
Kareen Ross
Karen Schweiger
Katherine Niemann
Keely Nowalk
Kevin Smith
Kezia Payne
Kristina Morrison
Laura Beulke
Lauren Beyer
Laya White
Leonard Kendall
Lisa Douglas
Lisa Winebrenner
Lisa Young
Luis A. Martinez
Lyn Mettler
Lynn Mantion
Marla Trevino
Matthew Spurlock
Michael Merwitz
Michael Neumann
Michael Tefft
Myrinda Dixon
Nancy Brown
Nathan Carnes
Nicole Adams
Patricia Bennett
Patricia Gale
Paul Branum
Rebecca Hedges Lyon
Rhonda Hitchcock
Ricardo Escovedo
Robert Stemen
Rosalee Ryan
Ryan Graves
Sandra Dornick
Sandra Heikkinen
Scott Penton
Scott Stoughton
Sharon Miller-Hickrod
Shelley Rossell
Sherrie Abruscato Abruscato
Stephanie Williamson
Stephen Borchert
Susan Hilger
Suzanne Blair
Tara Hall
Teresa Hall
Theresa Zwierzynski
Thomas White, Jr.
Timothy Kuester
Todd Jordan
Tom Mack
Traci Butler
Tracy Tesmer
Wayne Harriman

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Military Care Packages and Gifts

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