Monday, June 8, 2009

The Military Community On Twitter

(Nov. 11, 2009) With the creation of twitter lists, we can now make it easier to connect with our military community on twitter. Here's how to get listed:

Leave you comment with your twitter name and which category you should be listed in.

(May 31, 2009) This wonderful list is growing at a rapid rate, which is a good thing! Please check to see if you're on the list and if you're following these great folks on twitter. Help spread the word by sharing this with everyone you know on twitter so we can all continue to connect and support one another. Be sure to bookmark this post so you can check back to see how it grows. Don't forget to follow us too! @MailOurMilitary and @eMOMS .

(April 10th) There are lists for moms and lists for dads but at eMail Our Military (eMOM) we're looking to create the ultimate list of military moms, dads, spouses, service members, etc. for you to follow and connect with on twitter.

If you fall into one of these categories leave a comment with your @name and the category we should list you under and we'll add you! We'll update the list as information comes in and publish it here so we can all connect, share resources and support each other. As our list grows we'll may break the categories down into separate posts for you.

Military Service Members:

Military Wives:

Military Husbands:

Military Girfriends:

Military Boyfriends:

Military Moms:

Military Dads:

Military Sons & Daughters

Military Veterans:

Military Bloggers:


Military Support Orgs., Supporters, Veteran Advocates, etc.:

Official Military Twitter Accounts
Department of Air Force: Alan Black, Public Affairs
Public Affairs Department of Air Force: Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, Nev.
Joint Staff Department of Defense
Maxine Teller, Public Affairs, Department of Defense
Mark Drapeau, Research Fellow, National Defense University
Army & Air Force Exchange Service
U.S. Joint Forces Command
U.S. European Command (via Ed Buclatin, Captain, US Navy, Director of Public Affairs)
U.S. Pacific Command
U.S. Southern Command
U.S. Central Command
Air Force Public Affairs Agency
US Army
US Navy
US Pacific Fleet
Naval Air Forces
Naval Surface Forces
US 7th Fleet
Navy Personnel Command
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Public Affairs
National Naval Aviation Museum
Hampton Roads Naval Museum
Navy Office of Information New York
Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division: HJ Armstrong, Public Affairs
Naval War College
Navy Exchange
Submarine Group 2
Navy Experimental Diving Unit
USS Constitution
USS Nimitz
USS Bonhomme Richard

For a complete list of Government and related twitter accounts, please check out the GovTwit Directory. Also, don't forget to add yourself to the ever-growing list on

If you've been searching for a way to support our troops easily, now you can. Participate in one of our many projects or register with eMOM and sign up to correspond with service members one-on-one.

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Connect with eMail Our Military (eMOM) on twitter at:
@MailOurMilitary or follow the blog feed at: @eMOMs. If you're reading this via email or in your feed reader, stop by and add your comments.


suzanne31381 said...

Proud Navy Mom! @2020nexus

CorinneR. said...

Proud Army Wife! @arielanna

Rebekah Zobel Jones said...

Proud Army wife(hubby currently in Iraq) Twitter ID: @rebekahzjones

eMOM said...

Thanks for reaching out! Spread the word.

Karen said...

Marine's wife @karenroush

Anonymous said...

Retired AF (military veteran) @jusbeachin

eMOM said...

Love how this is growing! If you know someone who should be added to this list, please forward it to them. We can't remember everyone so it helps if they drop a comment of give us a shout out on twitter.

Mary said...

I'm an army wife! @marsies

Neocon Blonde said...

Marine Wife! @NeoconBlonde

Dianne Gallagher said...

I'm a proud Army brat! My father is currently serving as a commander in Iraq...again. @kokomodianne

Anonymous said...

Proud Army Wife of a Deployed Soldier

Anna Colwell said...

Proud Army Girlfriend @ATColwell

eMOM said...

Many of you we knew but many more we did not! We're so happy to meet you and we're looking forward to connecting, communicating and sharing resources and info!

If you're interested in being a guest blogger let us know. We're always looking for military spouses, service members etc to blog their tips on military life.

Elaine Helm Norton said...

Supporters, orgs, etc. @nwnavynews

AJae said...

Army wife/mother/blogger (sometimes...I'm trying to include military topics more often) here. Oh, and I'm an Army veteran, too. :)

~ @AJae

Anonymous said...

Military wife @greeneyedkat
Active Duty Army @gkrigger

eMOM said...

Anon - Thanks for the heads up!

UDTFlea said...

Former Military Wife and my husband is a vet.. please put me where you will.


Anonymous said...

@threeheartphoto proud wife of Army vet (and an Army vet myself)

DoubleDuece said...

Kim Jaetzold @doubleduece


TwiMom said...

Proud Navy wife! @imheartcore
and my husband is @NAVY_BUILT

eMOM said...

ImHeartCore - What a great name!

DoubleDeuce - So great to see you here.

ThreeHeartPhoto - We couldn't forget you.

UDTFlea - Thank you!

Treed said...

son is 1st cav in iraq

Laura Kennedy said...

Retired Navy Senior Chief & marine widow @laurakennedy

Thank you for supporting our troops!

Christine said...

Proud Military (Navy) Wife! @starryskye81

RKThunder said...

Retired Marine @RKThunder

Tim said...

Proud USMC Vet. Proud Army Dad to 2. Proud future USMC Dad. Military supporter. @semperfratres

chaplainandrews said...

Army Chaplain in Iraq

Carlin said...

Desert Storm Veteran (US Navy)
Author of "Desert Storm Diaries"
now available :)

Dayngr said...

Awesome to see everyone participating! Share this post everywhere.

Michael Falkner said...

@womprat99 - Currently serving submariner, soon to be veteran submariner in December. Thanks for everything you do, eMoM!

Unknown said...

Awesome project. Thank you!

Marine wife: @kpiper
Marine: @rpiperUSMC
Military wife blog: @JanesList

Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

Proud Navy Wife! @tsoniki

Thanks for gathering this list! :)

Unknown said...

How about official military twitterers, like @USArmy, @hqamc, @warriorforge and @afpaa! There are tons out there!
(or official spokespersons like @LindyKyzer ;)!

Dayngr said...

What better way to support our troops than to communicate with them on a daily basis and let them know how much they are appreciated. Please take a moment to connect with the folks listed and let them know how much they are appreciated. Maybe you'll find someone you have something in common with and make a friend for life. Of course, if you have a military connection too, add your name to the list.

Cam Beck said...


Claire said...

Army Mom, Milblogger: @kneedeep

Great idea! I will be sure to pass along the info.

GreatAmericans said...

This is such a great idea to connect with and support our troops! add us in the Military supporters list :)

Shannon said...

@CMWTR Proud Army Wife and founder of Christian Military Wives Talk Radio

Sara Horn said...

Great to know about this - please list me under Military Spouse - @sarahorn. I'm a Navy Reservist wife and run a military spouse organization called Wives of Faith.

Army Household6 said...

Army wife and Military Blogger - @tammymunson

Kate Kashman said...

I'm a military spouse and personal finance blogger: @katekashman Thanks for putting together this list, I'm sure it will be a great resource for all of us.

Dayngr said...

So great to see so many commenting and adding their names to the list. What a fantastic military community we have here.

Greta Perry said...

this is fabulous - greta work! Please add @kissmygumbo to military supporters. Military wife (retired) too:) @soldiersangels @publicrelations are also support

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Military Veteran:

Megan Ihm said...

proud military wife (husband leaving in less than 2 weeks)


Dan Perry said...

Former USN and proud of it:

Unknown said...

Naval Reserve retired... @Tiggr

whiskey_kitten said...

Proud girlfriend of a US soldier @whiskey_kitten
so Military Girlfriend would be my list

Kent Beatty said...

Thank you for supporting our Troops!

Hooah!!! Retired USAF @KentBeatty (39 years, Vietnam Vet)blogging at

Anonymous said...

Military Widows/Widowers - Support Group

Anonymous said...

@tantonik I am the wife of an Active Duty Marine currently deployed.

Shelle Michaels said...

@publicrelations (milblog for soldiers angels ladiesofliberty)

@SoldiersAngels Soldiers Angels Support Org

(I will send you our state by state list as I am just setting it up now.)

Fiorela Rojas said...

Looove this idea! I am civilian with lots of military friends :) I support them and their work! Count me in under military supporters!

BlackJack | eMail Our Military said...

It is wonderful to see so many in our military community coming together here. Don't forget that eMail Our Military ( is also available on the web for you! We've been proudly serving the military community since 2001 and would love to support the servicemembers that are important to you.

Anonymous said...

@elizgomez Proud USMC wife!!

CamoCrowd said...

We would love to join your list of supporters! @CamoCrowd

Unknown said...

@thankheroes Please say thanks to our Troops at

Amy Wieser Willson said...

Great stuff!
I'm a service member & Iraq War veteran, wife of a retired service member, daughter of a retired service member, sister of a service member

I also tweet for the North Dakota American Legion's Courage Carries on campaign: @courageco

Thanks for all you do!

Military OneSource said...

@BurstingwPride twitter feed for, a blog for the military community hosted by Military OneSource (, an official Department of Defense resource for Active Duty, Guard and Reserve.

Cop the Truth said...

Army veteran on Twitter @copthetruth. Stop by and say hello.

ChristinaJade said...

Daughter of a twice-drafted Korean War Vet, Granddaughter of 2 WWII Veterans (one Pearl Harbor survivor and one D-Day survivor), wife of 2nd Recon Div, USMC, Desert Strom Vet. @christinajade :)

DigitWife said...

Proud Navy Submariner Wife @SubDigitWife

Eve said...

Proud Army wife here!

Also, Mom/blogger. I'm @arewethere

Unknown said...

@mjzitek - service member (Navy)

john Michael said...

Proud to blog, photograph and chronicle about the US military. @JohnMichaelPix

Michele Risner said...


Put me under Military Wife, but I am also a Veteran and soon (hopefully) a Military Mom as well!

Lauren Vargas said...

Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)...your military BX/PX is @AAFES_STYS.

Lauren Vargas (@vargasL) and Leah Miller blog on behalf of AAFES. Vargas is also a gov 2.0 blogger via @vargasL.

OrbitalDiamonds said...

Veteran of the navy and wife of a soldier!



Sandy - Cass said...

Air Force wife
Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan

Soldierparent said...

Mother of Female Soldier
I Supports all military soldiers,
Husband was in USMC; Son in the Army and Daughter in the USAF.
United We Stand

Anonymous said...

Proud Army wife

Audra Rose said...

service member @purtytxrose

AJ said...

Son of a an Army Soldier.

Anonymous said...

@taracrooks proud cofounder of @armywifenetwork

Ceece said...

Proud Army National Guard Wife

Michael J. Pratt said...

Proud West Pointer and veteran @mikepratt

Charlotte said...

I'm an Army Mom @ArmyMom

Baetrice said...

Proud Army girlfriend and Army contractor @clearforesight

eMOM said...


Shannansbooks said...

I am an Army Wife @Shannan79

ltbeyer said...

Navy girlfriend, who's sailor is currently deployed: @ltbeyer

Heather said...

Proud PA ARNG wife! Surviving our first deployment. @heatherv72

My deployed PA ARNG husband: @adamv81

Anonymous said...

Army fiance and civilian employee! @kelseymw

Anonymous said...

Army wife @mariaod

Jennifer said...

I am an Army Wife, Veteran and DoD employee! @JenTheArmyWife

Unknown said...

Military Veteran @rlscovens

Anonymous said...

Official military organization at Fort Hood, TX

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Don't forget me :) @crazyadventures :)

Thank you so much Trish!

Briya said...

Marine Corps wife @undercovermama

Dayngr said...

It's great to see all the additions. We hope to have a proper listing over the next week or so so stay tuned. More importantly, spread the word and make sure everyone gets listed where they need to be.

Maria said...

Army wife @Mariaod

Anonymous said...

Hey there I am a proud army wife and my husband is in afghanistan for his 4th tour. Twitter Id: @missingmadiera

Emma said...

Wife of a marine, mother to and army and airforce.
Gotta love them all!!!

Ashleigh Baker said...

Marine wife here! @heartandhome

Chris Branson said...


We fly East Tennessee World War 2 Veterans to Washington DC to see the Memorial built in their honor.

Anonymous said...

NDNG wife! @guardwife

LinLori said...

@linlori - prior Navy, military wife
@donnakaiser2006 - Navy wife

Send a Taste of Home said...

Thank you for all you are doing!

@sendtasteofhome - mother of FL-ARN disabled vet and wife to Air Force vet

Also...for the past 3 years we have adopted whole units and send individual packages to each soldier in the unit over the holidays that usually contain, phone cards, 1lb of fudge, 2 doz. homebaked cookies, cards from school kids, and a bunch of other stuff - each soldier getting the same thing - so noone feels left out.

Even sent out 200lbs of girl scout cookies

Dayngr said...

Send a Taste of Home - That is delicious! We're in Florida too. Keep up the great work.

Kristina J said...

I am an Army wife, Veteran, Blogger, and Freelance writer @kjones122 (formerly arealarmywife)

Bundle 2 Baby said...

Proud Navy wife @bundle2baby

Anonymous said...

@haleylost - servicemember (Army)

Anonymous said...

proud Navy vet @nanna95

Wendy - Navy Wife Radio said...

Military Support Org and Navy wife @mymilitarylife

What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Proud Army fiancee!

Amber said...

army wife here! @randomarmywife

Jane Rodmyre Payfer said...

Proud and praying US Air Force mom. Son is embedded with Army in Afghanistan.

Adriane said...

army wife! @adrianelohr :)

Daniel said...


proud son of a military member(Army)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget @defendersown, the official Twitter account of Defender's Own (, a social network for the military community.

Anonymous said...

Army wife! @Riyaan

Thanks for the list!

Anonymous said...

Proud Military Mom x 3 . Blogging at

FlyNavy said...

Looks like you're missing all the official Navy Twitter accounts!

Here are a few:

And there are more!

Thanks for sharing the links.

Sandy said...

@cardsforheroes Helping heroes keep in touch with home,

Anonymous said...

Proud military MOM @jjshelton2000

Anonymous said...

Proud AF Wife & Blogger...

Thanks! This is an EXCELLENT idea!

eMOM said...

Amazing to see how this list is growing. Please be sure to take a moment to subscribe to our blog and follow us here using the sidebar. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

@marce703 Proud Army Wife!

Anonymous said...

Army NG wife @Huds759

Unknown said...

Please add us! OHRFortWorth
We provide free services to military veterans and their families. Program is run by military spouses and veterans.

Pritzker Military Library said...

Pritzker Military Library
Military Support Orgs., Supporters, Veteran Advocates, etc.:

Brenden's Mommy said...

Navy wife here! @thisisamy

K-Dubyah said...

Daughter, g-daughter, sister, ex-wife and(stepmom) to Veterans. Small milblogger, huge military supporter, Soldiers'Angel, @KyLynnis

Anonymous said...

Proud Marine Girlfriend @CassandraBrett

This is our first deployment. He's currently in California until September before heading over to Iraq in Sept/Oct.

Erica said...

@HellcatBetty - Proud Army National Guard wife! 41st Infantry Brigade.

Oregon War Veterans Association said...

@OregonWarVets - Oregon War Veterans Association, Military Support Org.

Anonymous said...

@raid1907 I would love to be added to the list I am a vet

Jennifer Haubein said...

@Jhaubein Proud military wife here, thanks!

UpUpnAAway said...

@FlyAArmy Service Member

Also, Daughter of a SM, Wife of a SM & Soon to be Mother of a SM!

Thanks for all you do!

Dana Hileman said...

Proud Navy wife. He is retiring this year with 30 years! Proud Army d-i-l! Pops is a WWII vet.

Also, veteran owned business We support Wounded Warriors and other local vet charitable organizations.

Anonymous said...

VERY proud military wife! @bbwilbern

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this list! Please add me to Military Wives and Military Bloggers @MyArmyLife, blog: Thanks!

Army Well Being said...

Great idea! Please add to "Official Military Twitter Accounts" @ArmyWellBeing

Kat said...

Any other Army sisters out there?! @KatHearty

Crystal Arcand said...

My dh is a veteran: @marcand.

HelpMe HelpOthers said...

We Support Our Military, their families and the children of our fallen soldiers. We have a big fund raiser in Dallas Tx 9/7/9 and hope to raise funds but we need your help. Please help us get the word out nd also help in all the ways you possibly can for a Great cause that helps those that keep us free everyday. I am on twitter @HelpMeHelpOther and our website is Thanks in advance for your support . Be Part of the Solution !

Anonymous said...

great list,love it ;)
greetings from southwest germany

Unknown said...

Military Service Member and Military Blogger.


Thank You for all you are doing.


Anonymous said...

I thought I had done this but didn't see me on the list

Proud NDARNG Wife
Also coordinator of WOW(wives of war-program)
Also Director Angel Kisses (supporting pregnant service members or their wives.)

The Happy Housewife said...

I'm a proud Navy wife!
on twitter @HappyHousewife

VITW912 said...

Military Wife (Army)




Anonymous said...

Cool project! I have a couple for you
@AFRC_433 is the official twitter name of the 433rd Airlift Wing

@SgtMcGee is me and I'm a military member.

Thanks for compiling this great list and working such a big project!

Anonymous said...

Proud to be a Navy Wife! @fitleaf

cblashek said...

Operation Gratitude -- 501c3 non-profit military support organization - sending care packages to our troops in harm's way...

On twitter: @OpGratitude

Thank you!

MaryAnn said...


Soldiers' Angels Germany, honored to support service members medevaced to Landstuhl hospital in Germany from Iraq and Afghanistan.

CdrChops said...


Milvet, still serving in the Army Guard...

Shannon said...

Could you please change @CMWTR to @frazledmwcn since we changed our name? Thanks!

Shirley Brondum said...

Please list the following:
@frankbrondum- military service member

@sbrondum-military wife

Chuck said...

please list me as a servicemember and Military Blogger


Anonymous said...

Military Support - @ArmyStudyGuide

eMOM said...

Just wanted to take a moment to add an update - we haven't been given admin access by yet so that we could update our military community info.

We will update our list here and then mail it to them so that they can update our military community listing over there.


Marble Creek said...


Military Wife and Military Mom

Aaron Christian said...


Military Veteran. I served 1 tour in Iraq in 2005.

Anonymous said...

Love this!!

Please add @MyArmyLife to Army wife.
Please add @ArmyWellBeing to official Army account.

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Very proud Army Girlfriend and soon National Guard member. @DirtyCharmed

Julie Danielle said...

Proud Army wife :)


Unknown said...

@jesselaser Military Veteran
Thank you.

Ann said...

We'd love to be on your list of Military Support organizations -- thought we were, but don't see our name listed! @OpGratitude -- Operation Gratitude, a non-profit 501c3 organization sending individually-addressed care packages to deployed troops, made possible entirely by donations and 100% unpaid volunteers:

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

What a great effort!

Please add my twitter account @rkerestes as a military wife and you can add my husband @ecshwa3 to your list of active duty service members (he's Navy).

You can also add the ship my serves on @ddg108


Unknown said...

Great list. As a proud USMC vet, I'd like to be listed under your "Military Veterans" listing.

-Keith Booe / @keithbooe

dequese said...

Military member