Friday, April 24, 2009

Thanks for the Twecommendations

We always like to say thank you to everyone who helps us do what we do best - support our troops. Every Friday on Twitter is Follow Friday where people get to Twecommend (twitter recommend) their favorite twitterers (or is it tweeters) by using the hashtag #FollowFriday.

We sincerely appreciate it because it shows us that people love what we do. Plus, in recommending us it allows others to connect with us and help us support our troops. The more people we have participating in our projects and being a part of eMOM the more of our military heroes we can support.

That being said, here are the great folks we'd like to thank for recommending @MailOurMilitary and our blog feed @eMOMs! We appreciate them and we'd love it if you followed them too. I'm sure the list will grow as more people join in and we hope you've give us a #FollowFriday recommendation too.

LindainNC - North Carolina
Dayngr - Miami, FL
Themelis_Cuiper - Amsterdam Europe
Twitt_usback - Honolulu
JohnJCrawford - Roseville, California
PelicanRE_FWB - Ft Walton Beach, Florida
ebmindc - DC Metro Area
MelSchroeder - Virginia
RedPorscheKilla - Chicago and Olympia
Crystal_clear - Victoria, BC
MichaelDarwin - Florida
kneedeep - Right where I should be!
wigsuperstore - Kansas/Nebraska
cokeman777 - SAVANNAH
AmericanTweets - Georgia - Bulldawg Nation
Get_USA_Made - USA
reland1 - Texas, USA
mailgeek - CO
HelpHopeHealing - Tampa, FL
BoomerStyle - California/Global
AOS_Louisiana - Louisiana
Kohmahts - USA
christinajade - Paducah, KY
C3Designs - Kentwood, MI
rwbeagle - Orange County, California
AmericasForums - Oklahoma
arewethere - North Carolina
marie1592 - Houston, TX
laurenchatmas - NH
EMTgoneNUTZ - Right Here...
emgtay - Atlanta
paisano - Atlanta, GA
ilovemytroops - New York, NY
ozark_sky - Arkansas
kathystover - Sierra Nevada Foothills, Calif
danavshelley - East Coast
teresa30161 - Rome, GA
tygerbaby - SF Bay Area
Lagwolf - Maine, US
DaMav - Rural Central PA, USA
straightstreet - not where I want to be
Carlincomm - Tacoma, WA
newzworth - Baton Rouge, LA
hummiemd - Chicago, IL
clearedjobsnet - Falls Church, VA
CMWiggle - Oklahoma
wbc453 - Lubbock, Texas
antiqcool - Chester UK
CopTheTruth - Southern California
Frank33024 - Florida
abbebuck - DC Metro
ArmyMom - New Jersey
BostonPatriot - Boston,Massachusetts
an - Boise, ID
AfghanOldBlue - Cincinnati
jlaws13 - Indiana
BrickandClick - Charming town in Northern VA
drjfpmd - Miami, Fl
pushwork - Florida
afwife08 - Illinois
milblogging - Northern Virginia
HtmlGifted - Michigan
jwt9478i - Phone: 29.956095,-90.065681
US_AIR_FORCE - Arlington, VA
eeUS - Milwaukee, WI
conniereece - Austin, TX
CathyWebSavvyPR - Philadelphia Area, PA
luv4Animation - DC Area
kirsteno - Coronado
soldiersangels - Global
AFPAA - Pentagon, Arlington, VA
airforcelive - Arlington, VA
Jenfidel - Dallas, TX
tendrel - 92026
MarkUrbin - Peoples Republic of Massachuse
Mike_Gaiser - Ca.
bobgarrett - Philadelphia
Daij09 - Oregon, USA
blankstudent - UK
kissmygumbo - Mandeville, LA
travisfitzwater - Jefferson City, MO, USA
JulieKBarton - Lakeway, TX
usacevideo - Washington, D.C.
cactusandivy - South Carolina
valkry18 - Minnesota
OperationWard57 - Seattle/Washington D.C.
gurnage - Atlanta, GA
BarbRad - Rogers, AR
keithdmiller - Republic, Missouri
policygal - USA
krob - Redwood City, CA
tmpollard - Naperville, Illinois
AdamDrucker - Los Angeles, CA
assignmentdesk1 - San Diego, CA
Nedra0942 - USA

We think it's pretty cool to see where everyone is tweeting from too! If we missed you, it wasn't intentional so be sure to drop us a comment and we'll add you ASAP. This list was compiled using Top Follow Friday.

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If you've been searching for a way to
support our troops easily, now you can. Participate in one of our many projects or register with eMOM and sign up to correspond with service members one-on-one.

Connect with eMail Our Military (eMOM) on twitter at: @MailOurMilitary or follow the blog feed at: @eMOMs. If you're reading this via email or in your feed reader, stop by and add your comments.

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