Monday, June 29, 2009

It's About The Warrior Not The War

Right now someone like you is in Iraq or Afghanistan - Watching, Protecting, Serving - So you don't have to. Right now, they're there for us - all of us.

Right now, no matter what you think about this war - Good, Bad, Indifferent, Impassioned - it's not about the war, it's about the warrior.

Help us build a homefront that is ready for our wounded soldiers, service members, veterans, families.

This short, yet moving video is a great reminder that freedom isn't free but rather invested in daily by those who serve our country and protect the freedoms we have ALL come to appreciate. What a perfect video, food for thought, as we prepare to celebrate America's independence this week.

Big thanks to @BobWoodruff for reaching out to me to share this with all of you. Please pass this on.

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suzanne31381 said...

Awesome post. I'm getting kind of frustrated with the media (not MOM per se) that it's always about soldiers, i.e. Army in Iraq & Afghanistan. What about the Air Force & Navy? So little attention to them. Of course, being a Navy mom, I'm a little biased, but still...

eMOM said...


I agree which is why we never call them soldiers we always refer to them as troops or heroes or service members. I hear similar frustration from the Marine community as well so we're always careful NOT to specify branch. We support all our troops both at home AND deployed!

Thank you SO much for sharing this!