Saturday, June 27, 2009

Action Alert - We Need Your Votes

You can help eMail Our Military take it to the next level for our troops by taking a moment to help us win a Social Media Makeover through CommuniCause. There are 2 basic ways to help and each counts as a vote.

We need your votes and winning would be nice, but even if we don't win, making it to the top 10 means more people will learn about who we are and what we do. That means more troops to support! So, please continue to spread the word everyday.

2 Ways to Vote Countless Ways to Help

I mentioned above there were two specific ways to vote. However, there are countless ways to help. Here are a few ideas:

  • Grab the banner and add it to your blog
  • Write about our cause and ask your readers to vote
  • eMail your friends and family and ask them to vote
  • Tweet, tweet and retweet so your followers can help too
  • Share the link via Facebook
  • Write a Facebook Note about it
  • Share the info in your Facebook status
  • Add it to your Facebook profile
  • Send a MySpace bulletin to your friend asking them to vote
  • Add an auto-signature to your email asking folks to vote and help us win
  • Use the social bookmarking tools at the bottom of this post to help promote it - that helps too
Having a presence in social media helps us reach and support more troops. We've seen incredible results since we began using social media and know this makeover could help in amazing ways.

We can't do what we do without great folks like you. Your help makes all the difference. We're all in this together, supporting the troops. Thank you!

# # #

If you've been searching for a way to support our troops easily, you've found it! Participate in one of our many projects or register with eMOM and sign up to eMail/Mail our military one-on-one.

Connect with eMail Our Military (eMOM) on twitter at: @MailOurMilitary, follow our blog feed at: @eMOMs or connect with us through one of the services below.

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